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Not a great date

Dating in Portland isn’t what it used to be. And our Tigard matchmakers know the hopeless romantics and love fanatics out there are grieving this fact.

Modern dating has become super challenging for local singles looking for real love.

There are so many downsides of dating in 2019 that make the search for true love so complicated.

Today our Tigard matchmakers are going to show you the top reasons dating is super hard today.

We know everything about our date without talking to them.

Thanks to social media, we now know everything about our dates before we talk to them in person. Basically, we know their entire lives without even meeting them. Don’t get us wrong, in some ways, this can be helpful. Sure, looking over someone’s social media page can help you figure out whether you want to go on a date with them or not. It can also give you potential talking points on a date. But the whole point of a first date and the early stages of dating is to get to know someone little by little.

We think that finding out everything through social medial channels before you even talk to your date in person takes some of the fun out of it. And if you’re guilty of doing social media stalking in your dating life, you know it’s true too.

Relationships are under observation now.

Living our lives in a public way, through social media platforms, is now the norm. Many people feel that traveling, eating, and even dating isn’t worth doing if there’s no pictures to go with it. The good part about sharing your relationship with the world to see is that people assume your love life is fantastic. Whether it really is or not, no one really knows.

The bad part is that your relationship is under the eye of everyone.

It’s kind of like being a celebrity on a smaller scale. If you’re going to post about your relationship on social media, which most people do, then others are going to judge your relationship.

Social media makes it difficult to get to know someone.

On one hand, social media makes it easy to get to know someone. We can find out who their friends are, whether they went to school, and what kind of sports they like. Honestly, we can even get figure out if they can put together a grammatically correct sentence.

But on a larger scale, social media is a way for us to portray an image of ourselves and not show the real deal.

What you’re seeing on someone’s social media profile is what they want to share. It’s what they want the world to see and not necessarily the truth. It’s easier to see information about someone, but it’s also easier to lie and create a false illusion. You could end up chasing after someone who’s not the person you thought they were at all.

We’re more rushed to move the relationship along.

On one hand, being single is more acceptable. And marriage isn’t considered the only way to have a happy relationship, like it was in the past. This takes a lot of the pressure out of dating today. On the other hand, we, as a society, are much more rushed than we used to be.

We’re used to having everything now. And now we feel like we need our relationships right away too. Because of all this rush, it makes sense that we’re conditioned to rush everything, including our love lives.

Dating in Portland, although there are many more platforms to meet people, can be tough. There are many great ways dating has improved but also ways it has become harder.

Tired of facing dating challenges on your quest for love? Contact our Tigard matchmakers today. Let us make dating in Portland fun and exciting. Let us help you find the one in a private and sophisticated way. We’ll only introduce you to singles in Portland with whom we believe you’re likely to hit it off!

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