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Single women in Portland, we feel your pain!

It’s easy to get all caught up and focus your attention on all the jerks in the dating scene, but in doing so, you’re missing out on all the great guys you could be dating right now.

Contrary to popular belief (and your dating history), there are many good guys out there. They’re everywhere you look, in fact! You just need to pay attention and know where to look.

Single women in Portland, don’t even think about throwing in the towel! If you’re ready to give up dating, we encourage you to read this dating blog. Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to reveal the top reasons to not give up on dating.

1. Yes, there are many jerks in the dating scene.

Let’s face it and be honest right from the beginning… Some men are jerks. They are the worst of the worst. Too many men have hurt people, most often women who were victims of their jerk ways. We could talk all day about how much harm these types of guys can do. But we’ll just leave it at that validation. They undoubtedly exist. And unfortunately, you will encounter them on the search for love. We’re not saying they don’t exist. But just because they exist doesn’t mean there aren’t still good guys out there.

2. Not all men are bad.

There’s no way that every single man in the dating scene is a jerk or a player. We just refuse to believe that no good ones exist. When you say all men are jerks and players, you’re missing a whole gender. We’d be saying that all t-shirts are bad because a couple of them have offensive things printed on them. That’d just be silly. You can’t lump a whole gender under one label.

3. We actually know good men.

Here at Portland Singles Dating Service, we know they exist. How? Perhaps because we work with them all the time. That’s right, we know that good guys still exist in today’s modern dating world. They’re kind and loving and remind us that not all men are jerks or are players. We have many great guys in our extensive database who are fit and ready for a relationship. They exist, we promise – and we can introduce you to them!

4. This assumes that women are jerks too.

If you’re assuming that all men are jerks, you’re also assuming all women are perfect angels. This isn’t true at all. Women can be players too. We’ve heard many horror stories about the ways women have hurt and betrayed men. So unless you want to be lumped into that group, you can’t stereotype all men as a whole.

5. Not all guys are the same.

As we said, some men have done terrible things, leaving a woman filled with trauma and heart pain. When this happens, fear drives the car. They are left terrified of men and dating. They are left fearful that they’re going to be hurt just like they were by the previous guy did. They’re also angry that these things happened to them. We can’t blame them, but it’s important to know that no two guys are the same.

Dating in Portland can be frustrating and daunting. But once you find real love, it’s worth every painful experience. If you’re one of the many single women in Portland who’s been down and out and thinking about giving up on dating, don’t! Use this dating advice from our matchmakers and keep going at it. We know there are many great men out there waiting to meet a great catch like you.

Single and ready to start meeting guys who are genuinely looking for a relationship? Contact our Portland matchmakers today and let us help you find true love. Let us introduce you to quality single men in Portland who are successful, honest, emotionally fit to date, and compatible with you!

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