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As Sherwood matchmakers, we know that breakups are extremely difficult to overcome. Getting your heart broken is both physically and emotionally painful. Furthermore, sometimes that pain and heartache can feel crippling.

We’ve all been there, so we understand if all you want to do is eat a bucket of ice cream while drowning your sorrows with sad movies at home. While wallowing in your sorrows right after a breakup can be therapeutic in some ways, if you soak in sadness for too long, it’s not healthy. Not to mention, you’re likely to miss out on a lot of fun which will help you heal faster.

If you’re currently in a world of hurt, a breakup fun if you will, it’s time for a change. The fact that you even clicked on this breakup blog most likely means you’re ready to move on from this breakup. That right there is wonderful news. With that in mind, let our Sherwood matchmakers show you some productive and fun hobbies to engage in after a breakup.

1. Journal Writing

In order to move on from a painful breakup, you must accept it. That means accepting the outcome. A great way to express your feelings and emotions is to write them all down in a journal. Jot down all your emotions. Consider how things went wrong in the relationship. What down what you did wrong and what your ex did wrong. This is a great way to realize how you can change your ways to improve your relationship. Furthermore, it will help you figure out what you’re looking for in a partner the next time around. It will also help you see red flags a lot quicker.

Journal writing is one a favorite of our Sherwood matchmakers. Why? Because you have the power to write whatever you desire.  You’re the one holding the pen, you have full control. It’s a private and healthy outlet to vent and get your emotions out after a breakup.

2. Meditation

It’s very important to acknowledge your past relationship instead of pretending that it never happened. Similarly, it’s important you don’t obsess about it. You don’t deserve that type of stress in your life. Instead, you should allow yourself to be in a peaceful state of mind. The best way to accomplish that is by meditating daily. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind of all the negative thoughts flowing. It is a great way to keep yourself in the present rather than in the past.

3. Working Out

There is a reason why they call it “the post breakup body.” Many people get into the best shape of their lives post breakup. One of the bet ways to take care of yourself is through daily exercise. It isn’t just beneficial for your body but for your mind as well.

Exercising releases endorphins which make you feel great all day long. Above all, working out and getting healthy will add years to your life. We want to love ourselves after a painful breakup in the same way our partner loved us. In turn, we work hard to become the best version of ourselves. This means exercising daily and getting yourself in the best shape of your life. Looking and feeling good boosts your confidence and makes you feel great overall. You simply can’t go wrong.

There are many great ways to keep busy while you work through your breakup. Use these three ideas to heal and move on from your ex. These hobbies are a great way to work through your emotions and make changes for your future relationships.

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