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As a professional matchmaking agency in Portland for over 25 years, we want to warn our readers that getting back with an ex needs to be thought out carefully and given a lot of consideration. After all, there is a reason why the two of you broke up in the first place. However, our Portland upscale matchmakers do believe in love, and we know that the attraction for someone you once dated will always be there, making it hard to move on.

Do you miss the way your ex used to laugh? Do you miss their romantic gestures? Do you long for their company? Do your friends and family want you to work things out? Do you honestly believe you could give it another chance?

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Portland Matchmakers: The Right Way to Get Back with an Ex

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you’re obviously looking for some answers to get back with your ex. Once you have made up your mind and want to give it another shot, you need to follow this step by step guide from our Portland upscale matchmakers here at Portland Singles.

1. Begin with an apology.

This will apply if the two of you have broken up recently. Breakups are a two-way thing. Even if it was caused by your ex, there is still the possibility that you said some things you wish you could take back. To ease back onto good terms, it’s always a good idea to extend a sincere apology to your ex.

You need to be as sincere as possible and do it in person. The fact that your ex wants to see you in person is a good sign for you. Maybe they’ll accept your apology and things can go on from there.

2. If the breakup happened recently, send them a text.

Calling your ex or showing up at their house might be a little too confrontational. Doing so can put your ex in a defensive stance. Instead, our Portland upscale matchmakers want you to send your ex a text message and give them time to reply.

If your ex replies amicably, then perfect, but if they don’t, don’t take it personally. Your ex might be a little worried about your message. Give it a day, send them another one and keep your fingers crossed. If after a few messages, or a week goes by, and there is still no response, then you can rest assured your ex does not want to get back with you.

3. Ask them out over the phone.

If you’re lucky enough to have received a text message back from your ex, now it’s time to switch things up to a phone call. By now, you have gotten a feel for how they feel towards you and know whether or not you can call them.

Here is where you tell your ex that you want to remain friends and would love to see them again. Avoid romantic settings because, remember, the two of you are just friends at the moment. Suggest going to a coffee shop or to a restaurant during daylight hours to keep the setting friendly.

4. Reconnect with their friends.

Once the two of you have already hung out together, it might also be great to reconnect with old friends. Don’t act like the breakup never took place. Instead, act like someone who has been away and would love to catch up. Keep cool and be friendly.

One of the key ways to try to get back with your ex is by being friends with their friends. Your ex might have been persuaded by a friend who didn’t like you, so now it’s your time to prove them wrong.

5. Reminisce about the good times spent together.

Once you and your ex go out again, it is now time to talk about things that happened in the relationship. If your ex recalls the good times you had together, they might want to give the relationship another chance. On the other hand, if they see the relationship as a waste of time or wish they could have done better, then you already know it is not going to work out the second time around.

6. Show them you have changed.

If you’re still the same person your ex decided to break up with, then it is pointless for you to try to go back out with them again. However, if you have legitimately changed, our Portland upscale matchmakers know it’s time to highlight some of the things you have changed.

For instance, you might be a little more sensitive than you used to be before. Maybe you were a smoker or drinker and decided to enroll in a program to handle and eliminate your bad habits. Maybe you were a lazy partner and now have a fulltime job. Trust us, these things will make your ex reconsider giving the relationship a second chance.

7. Try to woo them.

Okay, you need to show your ex you changed for the better, but you also need to show them how great you are. Look back at those things that caught your ex’s attention in the beginning and do them again.

Maybe you met during a music event, so you can go to another one to relive those memories. Maybe you fell for each other during a winetasting event, so it’s a great way to bring up going to one again. Maybe your ex fell for your carefree attitude, so you can show them how great you are by taking them on a spontaneous day trip.

Getting back with an ex can be hard to do, but by following this simple guide from our Portland upscale matchmakers you should be on your way to making it happen.

If you’re currently single and looking for a long lasting and meaningful relationship, contact our dating experts today and let us introduce you to quality singles in Portland.

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