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If you’re like many single men in Portland, you maybe find it very difficult to understand women in today’s modern dating world. And if you’re feeling clueless, then this blog from our Portland professional matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service is ideal for you! All throughout time women have succeeded in making men want them and swoon for them… Even Adam gave into Eve and ate the forbidden fruit.

Women have an incredible aura of mystery that men just cannot resist, which pushes men into a dazed and confused state. But is she falling for you too? When a woman is falling in love, she’ll display signs of affection, signs that let you know she’s into you. There are many signs a woman sends out that let a man know how she feels and what she wants. You might already know the obvious and cliché signs, like coy smiles, ploys for attention, initiating conversation, being overly friendly and touchy, etc., etc. But everyone knows those signs… What else do you know? In today’s modern dating world, there are plenty of other signs you can use to your advantage. Let our Portland professional matchmakers school you on the signs you need to watch for… Look for these behaviors and you’ll find out whether she’s really into you or not. portland matchmakers

1. Her Responses Are Prompt

You might not look at this as a sign she’s into you, but believe us, if she is returning your calls and text messages quickly, then that’s a clear indication she’s into you. You can test this one out for yourself by examining how long it takes her to respond to your text messages. It might sound odd, but it does work. If she responds to you quickly, it means she’s giving you importance—it means she is into you. Nowadays, people stay in touch through texts more so than phone calls. Does she text you throughout the day? Does she text even though you know she’s busy? If so, this shows you that she considers you worth her time and efforts. If a woman had no interest in you, then you can rest assured she would not return your calls or texts. But if she is looking to be in a relationship with you, then she’ll keep contact regularly, even when she is busy. This also works for chats, emails, and calls, and is one of the top signs a woman is into you.

2. She Doesn’t Leave Until You Do

Although this is more to do with men than women, women will also try to hang out with men for a long period of time. If you’re at a get together or social event with a lot of other people, almost everyone will spend the same amount of time talking to everyone. However, if a woman is into you, she will linger around you longer than normal. She might want to talk to you longer and even take a picture with you. As the parties unfolds and people start to leave, take notice if she’s hanging around you. If a woman was not into you, she would simply come and say hi and go her way. If a woman is putting in efforts to be around you longer, then it’s because she likes you. Now that you know how to recognize this and use it to your advantage, we advise you to be vigilant and always keep an eye on this one.

3. She Gets Touchy with You

Another sign that a woman is into you is if she is touchy with you. No, not the obvious touchy feely flirting you’re thinking about. We’re referring to her being a little protective with you. Maybe she’s a woman who’s known for being carefree and when she’s with you, she behaves a bit differently, almost like she’s your protector. A woman only becomes motherly when she is with a man she cares for, someone she’s interested in. Take notice to her attitude when the two of you are talking. If she’s uncomfortable or gets angry when other women are talking to you, then it might be because she’s jealous.

4. She Thinks You’re Funny

A woman who is into you will mention how funny you are and laugh at all your jokes. Women have their own way of making a man feel special and most do it with flattery. They know they must stroke a man’s ego in order to appeal to him. Does she compliment you about your sense of humor? Does she always laugh at your jokes? Women love men that can make them laugh, and you already know how important humor is to a relationship. If you are naturally funny, then we can guarantee you’ve already heard it from her. When a woman constantly comments on how funny you are or how she always has a good time with you, our Portland professional matchmakers know this is a wonderful sign she likes you.

5. She Always Wants to See You

A woman who likes you will always find a way to be in contact with you. The first thing she might do is arrange a get together with common friends. She might also try to tamper with scenarios just so she can be near you again. She won’t say or do it abruptly, but she is always plotting her next move so she can be next to you. If you notice that you’re running into her more often than before, even if you have not planned a date with her, it might not be coincidence. In fact, this is her way of showing you she likes you.

Finals Words for You…

Women are very hard to read sometimes, but it’s not as hard when a woman is falling for you. If you are a handsome, successful, intelligent, and funny man, then it’s beyond a doubt that she enjoys your company. We encourage you to read her body language and behaviors when she’s around you. If she is always trying to stay in touch with you and showing a keen interest in your life, then rest assured she’s into you. If she becomes protective with you, then already know she’s into you. Additionally, if you notice that she’s always having a good time with you or sharing secrets with you, then she’s ready for a relationship. Perhaps she waiting on you to make the move, so what are you waiting for? If you’re not meeting the right dates on your own, contact our Portland professional matchmakers today and let us introduce you to relationship-ready women who are a good fit for you!

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