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Not a great date

If you hear crickets when you suggest a certain type of date idea or notice an awkward hesitation in his voice, stop for a second before you set the date in motion. You can easily tell when a guy isn’t into the type of date you’re planning. But sometimes, men aren’t so easy to read. As a Portland matchmaking service with over 30 years in the Portland dating industry, we’re here to clear the air.

Since he genuinely likes you, he might be hesitant to shut your ideas down out of fear of coming off as rude.

Today, our Portland matchmaking service is going to show you date ideas all guys hate. If you’re looking to impress him, stay away from these horrible date ideas.

1. Anything That Involves Fitness

Exercise and fitness can totally be a lot of work. It’s always fun to have a great workout partner in your boyfriend but making dates around working out isn’t really a great idea. Not only does he have to worry about impressing you and not coming off as weak, he also has to make sure he’s not coming off as a show off.

The body odor coming off the two of you during a workout session isn’t really appealing in the beginning stages of dating. Leave the workouts for gym time and focus on spending quality time together for the date. Don’t get us wrong, gym time together is great once you’re in an established relationship. But they should never be considered dates.

2. Going to an Art Gallery

Art galleries and museums go hand in hand. Most guys hate going to the museum. Art galleries can sometimes be fun and magical for some couples out there. But if it’s become your go-to place for dates, he’s probably fed up with it by now. This type of activity is really not exciting to most men.

Walking around and checking out the local art displays can easily become boring. If art isn’t a passion of his, it’s probably not a good idea to go to a local art gallery for a date.

3. Tea Parties

Wait, what? Yes, you would be surprised. Most girls grow up having little tea parties with their friends. What can we say about this? It’s super adorable… When you’re a little girl, that is. Guys don’t really want anything to do with tea parties.

He might entertain the idea once or twice, but after that, he’ll get fed up with this date activity. Instead of planning the entire date around drinking tea, you guys should grab the tea on the go and hit up a local park for a quick walk.

4. Going to a Religious Event

Religion can be a touchy subject in a relationship. There are various different degrees to which someone is involved in their church or their faith. Most of the time, going to a religious event is good for couples of the same religious background. But these can also be crowded and give you no time to bond with your partner. Dates should be special for both of you. They ideally should be both fun and romantic. Going to a religious event isn’t really romantic at all.

If you’re guilty of these date ideas all the time, it’s time to ditch them. Think outside the box and start incorporating fun activities to bring the excitement back to your relationship. Your guy will love you for bringing fresh new ideas to your date arsenal.

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