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There’s nothing more frustrating in dating then when a guy you like doesn’t call you back. Every time your phone lights up, you make a spring and dive to it with high hopes it’s him on the other line. But it’s only Katie, your old college roommate who is having guy trouble and needs your advice. An unreturned phone call from the guy you’re into can send you into a whirlwind of emotions. You might start to doubt yourself and think you’re not worthy of a guy, but believe us, you are.

Guys stop replying all the time, and you might never find out why this guy stopped replying to you. However, you can make a negative situation positive. Instead of twiddling your thumbs and waiting for him to hit you up, do something productive with your time. Today, our Portland matchmakers will show you five things you can do when a guy doesn’t call you back.

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1. Go back to the drawing board.

Stop pouting and sulking in your room. When a guy goes ghost over the phone, take it as an opportunity to go back to the drawing board. Take some time to really think about the current state of your relationship and determine if his behavior is acceptable to you. You don’t deserve to be with a guy who doesn’t respect you enough to return your calls.

2. Know that you can’t control the situation.

Bombarding your guy with text messages and phone calls will not make him contact you any sooner. As a matter of fact, it will have the opposite effect and send him running for the hills. So instead of trying to control his actions, realize that his behavior is out of your control. If you focus on the things you can control, you’ll be much happier.

3. Know that you deserve more.

Understand your worth and realize you won’t put up with a guy who can’t even have the decency to return your calls. Once you start demanding respect from men, they’ll start treating you like a princess. And just remember that a guy who is truly into you won’t disappear without contacting you. Never settle for a guy who can’t even bother calling you. You deserve much better than that.

4. Know you have different expectations.

When it comes to dating, it’s unlikely that two people have the same expectations at the same time. You might want to be in a committed relationship while he wants something casual. Obviously he didn’t want to have a relationship with you, so his expectations were a little different. And that’s okay because now you don’t have to waste your precious time dating someone who clearly didn’t want a relationship.

5. Keep your options open.

Last but not least, never put all your eggs in one basket. If you’re in a relationship, you need to decide if you want to stay and endure the lack of phone calls or run away while you still have the chance to escape a man with no manners and poor communication (total recipe for a failed relationship).

But if the two of you haven’t discussed exclusivity, then don’t let it get to you. Don’t get so wrapped up with one guy. It’s time to explore your options and find the right fish. If your calendar is full of dates with potential love interests, you won’t be worried about why he never returned your calls.

Are you tired of men who leave you hanging and don’t have the decency to return your phone calls? Well, that’s because you’re meeting the wrong men. If you want to meet relationship-minded men in Portland, contact our Portland matchmakers today and let us introduce you to quality guys who are respectful and will value your time. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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