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Being a relationship is great. But our Portland matchmakers know it can be a lot of work. Lots of gals give their guys a hard time when it comes to keeping things on track and going right in the relationship. While the ladies often think they’re always in the right, they may put pressure on their man to always be on point. From picking on their partner to nagging them all the time, the females find fault more often than their fellas find reasonable.

But guys, you want to make up with her right? Of course, so you’ve got to keep you’re A-game strong and stop slipping up.

Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to reveal the biggest slips up guys make in relationships.

1. He calls his girlfriend by his ex’s name.

If a guy accidentally calls his girlfriend by his ex’s name, he may as well pack his bags right away. It’s bad enough to do it in mid-conversation, but if this happens while being intimate, a girl may go crazy. The guy is sure to be embarrassed and feel bad, but his girlfriend will make him feel even worse. No matter what you call your girl, never let it be your ex’s name. Erase that name from your mind.

2. He forgets her birthday.

Happy birthday to who? If a guy forgets his girlfriend’s birthday, she will never let that go. Because if he forgot the birthday itself, you can be sure that he didn’t plan anything for her. Nothing. He didn’t plan a romantic dinner or even get her a gift card. The whole day will be ruined, and the guy will pay the price for that. He’ll most likely be paying for this awful mistake until her next birthday rolls around. And he’d better believe that he’ll have to go over the top to make up for his forgetfulness. That is if she keeps him around for another year.

3. He forgets the anniversary.

Like forgetting her birthday, blanking out on an anniversary is the ultimate insult. Romance will be ruined for the relationship, and he can forget about celebratory fun in the bedroom. This day is super special for most gals, be it the anniversary of the day they met, their one-year-mark, or a wedding anniversary. Heck, the guy better remember all of those milestone because his gal will sure text him and let him know. Guys, if you forget your anniversary, you are going to make up for a very long time. Especially if she got you a special gift and you have no idea why.

Write it down, set a reminded on your phone, tattoo it on your forehead (just kidding) – do whatever it takes so you never forget this special day. Or else there may not be any more anniversaries to celebrate with her.


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