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As Portland matchmakers with over 30 years in the dating and matchmaking industry, we know that when we finally find love, we naturally want to do everything we can to keep it alive and strong. But forcing your hurting or failing relationship to work can be exhausting and ultimately a waste of time. So how do you know if you’re trying too hard to save your relationship? Well, there are a whole host of signs that this is happening, all indicating that your relationship has a lot of issues to handle, perhaps too many problems to solve.

Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to show you the telltale warning signs you’re trying too hard to make your relationship work.

1. You have to justify it to the people you love.

Your friends and family see what you refuse to see: that the relationship is only bad news. It isn’t good for you. Instead of recognizing this, you explain to your loved ones that everything is fine and that you’re really happy. This may be true, but the reality is that they’re probably right. If your friends and family are constantly asking you about your relationship, don’t assume it’s because they are nosy. They may see something that you don’t see, something you don’t want to see or admit.

2. You regularly feel like you walk on eggshells.

Your partner is nitpicky with everything. It seems you’re always in trouble for something. You rarely know what the next issue is going to be, so you’re on thin ice and it feels like your partner points the finger at you for everything that goes wrong. This isn’t a way to nurture a relationship. This is a huge indicator that your relationship is very unhealthy and your partner not right for you.

3. You feel exhausted.


You know the exhaustion isn’t just about the long days at the office. Rather, it’s about the fact that you and your partner are working double time to keep the relationship alive. You’re tired. You feel like you’re dragging and moving around with zero energy. You may not even have the energy to fight one more battle. In fact, you’re too tired to even break up.

4. You’re bothered with everything he says.

When your partner talks to you, it’s like the nails on chalkboard. You hate every word and the nasty or patronizing tone that comes out of their mouth. This is a major warning sign that you probably shouldn’t be together in the first place. When you’re wincing at everything your partner says, you’re likely trying too hard to make the relationship work. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with them in public for fear they’ll say something stupid or even humiliate you.

5. You don’t have much in common.

You want to have children and they don’t. You want to be monogamous and they’ve said they only want to be casual. These are obvious incompatibilities, yet you’re just ignoring them to keep the relationship alive. You might think that they’ll change and eventually want the same things as you, but trust us, we’ve heard it all before. Face the reality of these incompatibilities because they’re guaranteed to bite you in the rear down the road.

6. You over-analyze everything they do.

Sad woman on bed with her husband in the background

It’s to the point where you’re not even enjoying anything that’s happening in your relationship because you’re over-analyzing everything they do. You’re assuming that they’re going to leave you soon or you’re feeling they’re cheating behind your back. The problem is that your thoughts aren’t grounded in reality, they’re just your fears due to your constant over-analyzation of everything.

How many of these six warning signs do you see in your relationship? Is it time to take the blinders off and cut the cord?

You should never have to force a relationship. Life is too short to be stuck in an unhappy relationship. You deserve the real deal in love.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in Portland, contact our matchmakers today and let us help you find true love. Let the best Portland matchmakers help you find the compatible partner who makes life enjoyable, not draining.

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