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It happens to the best of us… We’re up in arms wondering where we stand when it comes to our dating life. Are we exclusive? Does he want the same thing as me?

If you’ve been dating a guy for a while and have caught those romantic feelings for him, then you reach a point where you can’t help but wonder if he wants you to be his girlfriend. So what do you do? How can you pinpoint where you stand or even where things are heading? After all, you want to know whether you’re just another girl on his list or if he’ll keep you around for the long term. And we don’t blame you!

Fret not, our Portland matchmakers are here to show you the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend. That’s right, if you notice a handful of these behaviors in your guy, you can get comfy and ease your nerves because he’s serious about you.

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1. He closed up shop online.

That’s right, he’s shut down all his online dating profiles since meeting you. That’s a surefire sign he’s interested in pursuing a relationship. And what about those dating apps on his phone? Yep, they’re gone too.

2. He takes you into consideration.

He doesn’t just see you when it’s convenient for him. Now, he’s taking you into consideration in his everyday plans.

3. He values your opinion.

You’re not just a pretty face to bop around with. You’re smart and this guy truly respects you. You’ve become an asset in his life, and he knows he can always count on you for solid advice.

4. He always says sorry first after fighting.

One silly little argument isn’t going to get in between you, and he makes sure of that. Even if he wasn’t the one in the wrong, he has no problem stepping up and apologizing first.

5. He was gung ho to introduce you to his circle of friends.

Guys are very protective of their group of friends, so they’re not fond of introducing someone who’s not going to be around for long. If your guy has happily introduced you to his group of friends – or better yet, always brings you to outings with his social circle – then you already know he wants you to be his girlfriend. Stop questioning his motives, because this makes it oh so clear.

6. He takes it a step further.

That’s right, better than meeting his friends, he’s even introduced you to his folks. Really, that says it all right there. Meeting the parents is reserved territory for girlfriends only. If you’ve met his parents, then there’s absolutely no need to worry where you stand with him… Congratulations because you’re his girlfriend, even if it hasn’t officially been spoken.

There are a lot of heartless and selfish guys out there, but when you find the one who wants to be with you, you’ll know it from his actions. If your guy hasn’t made it official but displays these six behaviors, rest assured that he considers you his girlfriend.

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