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Let’s face it: when two people are just starting to date each other, or when they’ve been married for years, things aren’t easy. They’re going to face many problems along the way. No one in the world is perfect, and no relationship is perfect. Therefore, issues will come up from time to time. From communication problems to finding someone else’s daily habits annoying, our Portland matchmakers know that relationships aren’t easy. However, we do know they’re 100 percent worth it!

Are you experiencing relationship issues? Don’t worry, our expert matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service are here for you. We have some insightful tips to help you deal with issues in your relationship.

1. Talk it out.

First and foremost, people in any sort of relationship must be able to talk to one another. From asking each other about their days to letting them know how they really feel, communication is key. Above all, a lack of communication will create many problems in the relationship. Therefore, we must be able to talk to each other – openly and freely.

Every couple must sit down and talk with each other in a calm and mature way. No one should feel anxious or fearful of being judged in a loving relationship.

2. Seek professional help.

If the conversation is not happening in a mature and calm way, it may be time to seek professional help. There are many counseling and therapy options available for couples today. And many couples feel a lot of relief from going to these counseling sessions together.

With a mediator present during these important conversations, both sides can be heard, eyes can be opened, and solutions can be set in place. It might not fix everything that’s wrong in the relationship, but it will definitely help.

3. Have fun with each other.

Life can be busy at times, and sometimes, couples forget to have fun and enjoy themselves. There is work to do every day. There are kids to take care of and many errands to run. There are endless responsibilities of all types which everyone in the world must deal with.

But when two people love each other, they need to find time to have fun in the relationship. Whether a couple has a weekly date night or goes on a mini vacation when they can, it helps. This is a fabulous way of bonding with each other and having fun as a couple.

4. Create trust.

Trust is a huge part of any relationship – especially a romantic one. In order to cut down on relationship issues, couples need to have trust in each other. This could mean being open about how they spend their free time. This may mean learning to let go of the past mistakes. This area can touch upon relationships with other people, mobile devices, social media and much more.

The list goes on and on. Wherever trust could improve, work on creating and rebuilding it together. This isn’t something that is going to magically grow overnight. This is an ongoing process that will definitely help you avoid problems in the future.

5. Bring back the intimacy.

It’s highly common for couples to slow down in the bedroom after they’ve been together for a long time. This is especially true if you’ve been living together, are married, or have children. But if sex only comes around as much as the Easter Bunny, it’s time to do something to bring it back.

It’s time to set a plan in motion to bond and connect on an intimate – hot and steamy – level with your partner once again. Break down the barriers that have been separating you for so long. Whether it’s getting out of your comfy nest into a luxury hotel for the weekend or just talking about your fantasies, do whatever it takes to reconnect intimately.

Relationships require work and commitment. They require compromise and working together when times are tough. If you’ve been struggling to keep the love alive, use these five effective tips from our Portland matchmakers and get your relationship back on track.

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