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We’ve all seen them on TV and know them… Some signs that a man is cheating are obvious—late night meetings, lipstick stained shirts, odd smelling perfume, little notes, emails, and text messages.  However, there are other ways a woman can find out a man is cheating, not so obvious clues.

Obviously, you never plan on starting a relationship with a man who will end up cheating on you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know before you got super invested in him that he would likely cheat on you?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know he’s a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing?  Well, now you can, thanks to our Portland elite matchmakers who are going to reveal the most common traits of a cheater.  If you notice these characteristics from the start, proceed with caution—or better yet, save yourself the hassle and move on!

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1. He Has Trust Issues

Okay, there are many men out there who have trust issues for good reason.  Many have been lied to by women they dated in the past.  Maybe they were cheated on.  Maybe they were told they were loved but shown the opposite.  Some people do have valid reasons to have trust issues.  However, there are a lot of people out there who don’t trust people because they know they can’t be trusted themselves.

In other words, they’re projecting what they do towards you.  A guy who has cheated before might realize how easily it could be done to him; therefore, he’ll suspect his partner.  If the new guy you’re dating doesn’t trust you, you need to figure out why.

2. He Is Too Confident

Now, not everyone who is confident—or a little too confident—is a cheater.  There are many confident men in Portland, so this would be a ridiculous statement.  However, serial cheaters tend to take confidence to the next level, to the point it becomes annoying.  After all, the only kind of person who can convince themselves they can be with any woman they see has to be confident.  This is a classic trait of a cheater.

This is the type of guy who walks into a room and thinks every woman is checking him out.  He’ll act like he’s the hottest thing that hit the earth.  You know who we’re talking about.  They’re generally loud and obnoxious and want all eyes to be drawn to them… Ring a bell?  They do everything in exaggeration so that people, especially women, fall for them.

3. He Loves to Show Off

By now, we have a little thing going here, and you might have started to realize that cheaters love attention.  In fact, that’s what they live for.  They need it like we all need our morning coffee.  Cheater s need someone to validate them all the time.  A cheater will hate spending time alone because they don’t like their feelings to be overlooked, which is why you’ll always see them out and about, jumping from one relationship to the next.

Cheaters love to show off.  Give them a place with people and they’ll show off from the moment they walk in until the place is closing down because that’s what they do.  They crave the attention they get from showing off.  They live to be the center of attention and will do the dumbest things just to steal the spotlight.  You can rest assured they will not be satisfied with second place.  Beware if you’re dating a man who always wants to be in the spotlight.

You don’t have to wait for a cheater to cheat on you to catch him.  Now you know the top three traits of a cheater and should be able to spot one when you see him.

If you’re single and tired of dating cheaters and untrustworthy men, let our Portland elite matchmakers introduce you to loyal, trustworthy, relationship-minded men in Portland by filling out the private survey at the top of the page and reserving your FREE 90-minute matchmaking consultation today!

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