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If your relationship seems to be a little off lately, and your boyfriend simply isn’t himself, you have to wonder if he’s cheating on you. However, before you jump to conclusions and end up doing something you regret later, you need to know the warning signs of a cheating man.

Today, our Portland dating service will show you some clear signs your guy is straying in the relationship. Get ready to find out what’s going on as our Portland matchmakers give you a list of red flags your guy is being unfaithful.

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1. He has a history of cheating.

You already know the famous statement, once a cheater, always a cheater. And while it’s true that some people do change over time, most cheaters stay the same. They will always give in at the first opportunity to cheat. Does your guy have a history of cheating? If you’re questioning his loyalty lately, ask yourself if his track record is smudged. If he’s known for being a cheater, then you have every right to worry.

2. He is lying.

Is your boyfriend lying about things, like doing the dishes when he obviously didn’t do them? Have you caught him lying about going to Walmart when he really went to Target? While these might seem like silly little lies, maybe even almost comical ones, they’re still lies. You might have to wonder why he is lying so much. And if lies seem to roll off his tongue, that should be especially worrisome to you.

3. He hides his cell phone from you.

Has your boyfriend been acting shady with his cell phone lately? This is one of the clearest signs your boyfriend is cheating on you, or at least talking to another woman. If he’s suddenly glued to his phone, runs out of the house to take phone calls, or locks himself in the bedroom or the garage, you have every right to worry because he’s quite possibly cheating on you.

4. He has secret conversations.

Does your boyfriend need to get off the phone whenever he walks in your house? Does he tell you not to worry about it when you ask who he’s talking to? Have you ever caught him having a whispering conversation with someone? If so, your guy could be cheating on you.

5. He’s spending less time with you.

Has he been coming home late? Does he tell you that he’s been at work or hanging out with friends? Yes, he could’ve gotten an extra load of projects at work or he could be hanging out with friends, but if it’s happening every week, then chances are there’s another lady involved.

6. He’s acting out of character.

When someone is doing something they’re not supposed to be doing, they will act out of character. For example, they may scream at you for no reason at all. If your boyfriend is acting edgy or paranoid lately, it’s because he’s trying to hide something. It’s his conscious that is making him act out of character.

7. He smells like another woman.

You already know the scenario: your boyfriend comes home late at night smelling like another woman’s perfume. Did his female boss happen to give him a lingering hug before he left the office and rub her scent on him? Or did he stop by another woman’s home after work? Pay close attention to his smell. If he smells like a woman, then you have every right to wonder if he’s being loyal.

8. He’s less interested in you.

A man who is cheating on you could care less about your day, what movie you watched, how your work meeting went, or if your mother is sick. He will most likely ignore what you have to say because he is preoccupied by the new woman in his life. If he used to be attentive and has all the sudden lost interest in you, that’s a sign another woman is in the picture.

There’s nothing worse than being cheated on by the person you love. Have you ever been cheated on? What are some of the signs of a cheating boyfriend? How did you catch him? Share your tips with our readers on our Facebook page.

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