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It happens every time. You finally find the perfect guy and are happier than ever. But out of nowhere, here she comes… It’s another woman who also wants him. And worse yet, she happens to be a good friend of yours. While your boyfriend might be convinced that she’s only interested in pursuing a friendship and that her intentions are innocent, you’re not so naïve. You’ve seen it before in previous relationships, so you know exactly what’s going on here. You know the difference between a friendship and a woman who is about to stab you in the back.

Not only is she causing problems in your relationship, but she’s making you uncomfortable every time she comes around. You definitely trust your boyfriend, but you wouldn’t trust her with a ten-foot pole. Whether you’re completely sure she wants him or have a few inklings about it, it’s important to know the facts. After all, you don’t want to ruin a friendship out of jealousy. So to clear the air, our Portland dating service will show you five telltale signs she’s ready to steal your man away.

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1. All Her Attention Is On Him

Even if you’re hanging out in a group setting, her attention is solely focused on him. It doesn’t matter if there are five people or ten, there are only two people in the room to her. When she makes a joke, it’s for him to listen and laugh. If someone starts talking to her, she brings your boyfriend into the conversation. He’s the only one she’s interested in.

2. He Tells Little White Lies

Deep down inside he knows what’s going on. He knows she’s into him. However, since the two of you are such good friends, he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship you ladies have. This is why whenever she comes up in conversation he gets all weird. Even if he’s not cheating with her, he might not tell you that he bumps into her. If you confront her about it, she’ll dodge the question and brush it off as you being jealous and dramatic.

3. She Hints About Her Affection

Okay, so you got a little paranoid and did a little research. What did you find? The evidence you were looking for. You find texts, Facebook messages, and emails between your man and your friend. In these messages, you see that she’s hinting at her affection for him. She’ll say things like, “If only you were my man,” or make jokes about being in a relationship together. In short, she’s already planting the seed. She wants him to know that if things ever go south between the two of you, she’ll be there to replace you. It’s almost like she can’t help but to do this to gauge where he stands.

4. She Tries to Make Him Jealous

She brings up a guy every time you hang out. If your boyfriend ever looks in her direction, she makes sure she flirts with him. She tries to come off as the perfect woman, a woman any guy would be lucky to have. Therefore, she’s always happy and smiling as though she were the happiest woman in the world. She pretends she’s having the time of her life and wants to come off as having more fun than you.

5. She’s Touchy Feely

Whenever she’s around him, she can’t help but to get near your boyfriend. She’ll hug him the second she runs into him. If he makes a joke, she’ll slap him on the leg. If she wants his attention, she’ll rub his arm. She might go as far as kicking him under the table when no one is looking. Of course, if you do see it, she’ll act as though it’s only friendly. But you know exactly what’s going on.

So is it jealous and paranoia, or does she really want your boyfriend? Compare these five warning signs to your friend’s behavior and decide what to do next.

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