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No matter what, most girls can all agree that they think a great boyfriend has to be sweet and caring. They search all over the place to find a guy who genuinely cares about them. As a Lake Oswego dating service with over 30 years in the Portland dating industry, we know that sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

The great thing about dating is that once a girl meets the right guy, she can kiss everything else goodbye and forget about all those terrible first dates.

The other great thing is that he’s going to treat her the way that he should. She won’t have to wish for anything because it’s going to be wonderful all the time… Okay, not all the time, but it’s going to be real.

Today, our Lake Oswego dating service is going to reveal the top three signs he’s great boyfriend.

1. He wants to make things official and move in together.

Moving in together might be a nerve-wracking time. It can bring on a lot of anxiety for some people. While it’s exciting, it’s also a little scary for many. Perhaps because they’re neat freaks and have lived alone for their entire lives. For others, it’s a dream come true, and they can’t wait to share a place with their partner.

We can be confident that we’re with a great guy when he asks us to be his girlfriend and also asks us to move in together. He’s got the handbook for relationship milestones, and he’s checking everything off. He knows what’s important for a relationship. He wants to be with us and make things official from the start. No games here.

2. He respects our life choices.

Everyone deserves a boyfriend who respects them. It’s honestly one of the most important things to have in a relationship. If he doesn’t respect you, he isn’t the right guy, and you need to keep on looking.

When he respects us, he’s not only a great boyfriend but chances are, he also respects the choices that we make in our lives. Did we decide to get a healthy cookbook and start preparing healthy dishes? Did we start a new workout routine? Did we quit our job to start our own company? He thinks that it’s all awesome because he thinks that we’re awesome. Bottomline, he believes in us.

3. He is easy going.

Being easy going is a great quality for a relationship. That means that whatever we’re talking about – picking a place to go out to eat, talking about a problem we had at work, or dreaming aloud – they’re going to respond in a positive way. And we won’t have to go back and forth for hours without making a decision.

He’s already a great boyfriend if this is his attitude and behavior in your relationship. Sure, of course he can sometimes disagree with you and have his own opinions. But he shouldn’t make it hard to have a discussion or make a decision together.

How many of these signs do you see in your guy? Is he the one for you?

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