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Every woman has encountered her fair share of bad guys – you know, the ones who act like they’re God’s gift to women. But how do you spot a guy before he breaks your heart? Let our Portland matchmakers show you some helpful tips to spot a heartbreaker.

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1. He needs more space than the universe.

It is great to have a boyfriend who knows what he wants as an individual and sets up personals goals for himself. At the start of the relationship, he tells you right off the bat that he is the type of guy who values his personal space and alone time. The man you are dating likes his own space and wants you to respect it even though you are a couple. And that’s okay, but if he’s spending too much time alone, you have every right to worry.

Although spending time alone is a good thing for women who hate guys that are too clingy, you should not be dating someone who values their own time more than the relationship. If you need to set up a time to see him every week, then you are in for a heartbreak. Yes, it is important that you respect your boyfriend’s alone time and personal goals, but if those goals get in the way of the relationship, then it is time to assess whether he’s the right boyfriend for you.

2. He doesn’t have any friends.

There are guys who do not have a lot of friends, which is okay, especially if you are the clingy type of partner who wants to be with him all the time. However, if the guy you are dating has no real friends, then that’s a completely different story. If your boyfriend does not have a single friend who he’s known for years and who will be more than willing to be his best man at his wedding, then there must be something wrong with him.

It is either that he doesn’t like to be social or he scares people off. Friendships are crucial, and knowing that he has no real friends who have been there for years is a clear sign you are dating the wrong guy who will eventually break your heart. You have to question why he’s not capable of keeping anyone in his life.

3. His friends are his number one priority.

As mentioned above, it is important that your boyfriend has people in his life and that he can consider close friends. You do not want to be dating a guy who has no friends in his life. However, if your boyfriend values his friends more than he values you and the relationship, then that is also another story.

Having his own set of friends is a good thing, since you also don’t want to be that clingy partner who constantly hangs out with your boyfriend and disses her friends. However, if he ditches you and your plans as a couple to say, meet Rob for beers instead of going out on a romantic date with you, then you need to think twice before you continue dating him. This guy will eventually break your heart because he doesn’t know how to stick to plans and prioritize you in his life. You deserve someone who can make you a real priority in their life.

If you’re one of the many Happy Valley singles who’s had enough of bad relationships, it’s time you learn how to spot a player before he can break your heart. Follow these tips from our Portland matchmakers and learn to protect your heart from the start.

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