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Are you wondering why you can’t find love in Portland? Are you searching the dating scene up and down with no luck? If you want to find love and live out a happy and romantic life, you need to give this dating blog a quick read.

Just because you can’t find love doesn’t mean you’ll forever be single. There are a lot of couples in the world and an equal number of singles. So why can’t you find love while everyone seems to be coupled up? You might feel like the world is conspiring against you, but the truth might be staring right back at you in the mirror. It might have nothing to do with the people you’re meeting everything to do with the things you’re doing on your own.

As the best Cedar Mill dating service, we know that many single women in Portland are to blame for their single status. It’s true. A lot of times, women do things that prevent them from landing a boyfriend. Let us show you what they are so you can change your ways and finally find a boyfriend.

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1. You’re Glued to Your Routines

Everyone has routines. But some people are more attached to their routines than others. You’re probably glued to your routine, which is why you can’t find a boyfriend.

If you really want to find a boyfriend, you’re going to need to make room for dating, and that means rearranging your schedule and making compromises. If you finally land a man, you’re going to need to make time to see him. If you usually work out every Saturday afternoon, but that’s when wants to hang out, then you need make time for him. You won’t be able to start a new relationship while being unbendable with your routines. You have to make changes and compromises to keep a relationship alive and thriving. With that in mind, you must give your new relationship the time and attention it deserves.

2. You Complain a Lot

No one finds a complainer attractive. Honestly, no one. You might think you’re being funny because your friends laugh about how much you whine and complain, but the guy sitting across from you on a date won’t think it’s very funny.

Would you want to go out with someone who was constantly complaining? Probably not. And that’s how people feel about you whether you know it or not. You will never be someone’s girlfriend if you’re always complaining. You need to be fun and interesting because those qualities will attract men your way. Otherwise, you’re looking at a long single and lonely life ahead of you, and we know that’s not what you want. Turn that negativity into optimism and positivity—not just for your romantic life but your life in general.

3. You Don’t Think You’re Good Enough

It’s tough to open yourself up to someone new. And when you’re a little bit on the insecure side, it can be even harder. But if you don’t think you’re good enough, you’re never going to find love.

If you find a man who shows interest in you, you really need to take a deep breath and explore that. It’s silly to give up the chance of finding love because you’re afraid of opening up. They are clearly interested in you, so stop thinking you’re not good enough for them. You owe it to yourself to stop believing that you’re not good enough and start believing that you are.

If you’re looking for a boyfriend and want to find love, you have to accept your mistakes. It’s easy to point the finger at men and blame them for everything, but that won’t change a thing. A brave woman accepts her mistakes and changes her ways. So are you ready to make the necessary changes for your romantic life?

If you’re single and want to meet relationship-minded men in Portland, contact the leading Cedar Mill dating service today and let our expert matchmakers help you find the one. We’ll help you identify dating roadblocks and give you the one-on-one dating coaching you need for romantic success. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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